Biju Kumar Singh
Developer at Cal Info
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
23 - 25 Years
(***) - *** - ****
Last Updated:
November 29 ,2019
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Biju's Experience

Cal Info
* Implemented Electronic Medical Reports for one of Malaysian hospitals on Microsoft technologies. * Was instrumental in improving efficiency of Cal-Info's flagship product Calscribe's which included improving queries and reporting capability of Calscribe.
February 2004 – November 2004

Cerner Corporation
Lead Architect
Pioneered (from a team of 300+) to envision and move an Enhancement feature to new SAAS based architecture for a client commit on production. Conquered all challenges of coming up with domain-driven architecture, understanding Micro-services, coached and mentored the team, and taking it through to production. Instrumental in providing common framework for a set of solutions to view event data at one place. Overall, significant team learning experience!! Achievements: • Built high performing agile teams (owning/mentoring). • Mentored and Shaped next level of leaderships • New Enhancements: o Functionality for mass enrolment of Providers and facilities with automatic logic to process claims o Enhanced Combines logic. o Allowing Credit Card transaction URL configurations. o Timeline view to support latest trends on a Patient. o Providing functionality to generate reports on Medicaid Voucher workflow. • Other innovations driven: o Mobile app for stake holders and engineering community. o Coordinating and publishing Internal newsletter "RevBeat". o Tool to help scheduling user tasks.
October 2014 – September 2017

Cerner Corporation
Software Architect
Built an agile team to work on most critical workflows from scratch. This included managing and coaching engineers to turn into a high performing team. • Performance management: Coaching and improving engineers' performance. • Owning complete Production Engineering activity in a very short span of time. • Coached future Architects (enabling Sr Engineers) so that they come up to the level to deliver more. • Time to market improvement on PE and Initiative projects. • New enhancements: o Combines to improve billing process and early realization of clients' revenue. o Credit Card support for payments for multiple facilities - Single window card payment for all facilities based on FIFO
January 2012 – September 2014

Wipro Technologies
Project Lead and Project Manager
Built a highly successful team by effective coaching and strategic/operational/technical solutions that supported client’s performance objectives. CMS is the core of Ericsson’s NMS technology which runs on multi-threading concept for configuring network elements. • Implemented and executed effective Estimation technique to help improve productivity by approx. 20% • Was successful in reducing EU rejection rates from more than 4% to 0% in last 11 months. • Was Successful in fixing a major critical Java out of memory issue by adopting Singleton pattern in live customer setup due to huge no of ORB object creations in WMA. • Mentored and coached team on Coding and process based delivery to reach specified weekly target. • Written and enforced Java Coding guidelines by integrating best practices in team. • Successfully delivered 10.3 R4S GA package for CMS/MOM/WMA with more than 100 TRs included. • Was able to keep backlog under control during O11.1&2 GA well below target. • WRAN CM sustenance team was conferred MESH award in November 2011 during Global Media and Telecom meet.
February 2011 – December 2011

Wipro Technologies
Project Lead
Worked in handling maintenance and enhancement software development activities for Nortel and Ericsson. * Led Sprint planning and Retrospective meetings with cross-functional and geographically distributed teams. * Led PE/Sustenance team with client satisfaction of CSAT rating 7/7 * Recognised with FIMCs awards
May 2009 – January 2011

Wipro Technologies
Technical Lead
* Led Element Manager team on Enhancements and delivered key projects to help improve client business. * Designing Virtual Terminal Emulator (VTE) in Java where I could propose 3 designs and implemented *. VTE implementation was on multi-threaded Java environment with nearly 0% downtime. * VTE was secured with SSL/SSH connections. * This was for the first time in Nortel history that connections were established with VxWorks, Linux and Windows systems which was considered for joint filing of Patent. * Network Time Protocol (NTP) configuration from Element Manager for all elements under a CS1000 node. * Implemented architecture of NTP configuration by using XML based communication on multiple platforms: Linux and VxWorks based elements.
April 2008 – May 2009

Wipro Technologies
Software engineer/Sr software engineer
Developed core functionalities in Element Manager and worked on EM sustenance projects. * Centralized Data Source (CDS) was an alternative to non-DB-SL1 logic which could cater to multiple sources for configuring Elements on network. It evolved as a light weight middle-ware for providing data from CS to any of its clients in Factory model. * The project was recognized as best project by Wipro where we had more than 95% of JUnit code coverage. * Implemented Alarms functionality in EM
August 2005 – March 2008

Wipro Technologies
Onsite Coordinator
Led sustenance project from onsite and coordinated with Nortel stakeholders and customers. I had been single point of contact and interface for Alpha & Beta customers, System Verification and tech trials. * Ensured successful execution of maintenance requests with zero rejections. * My project plans and execution met all defined deadlines with zero customer complaints. * Designed and led performance improvement solutions for client areas.
March 2007 – September 2007

Analytica India Pvt Ltd
Software Engineer
* Instrumental in developing/delivering “Process Monitoring Systems” and “Leave Management Systems” using Analytica’s flagship technology framework for an Indian client. * Worked on Yahoo Search's Travel vertical to write logic for their own tool as inputs. * Received appreciation from Yahoo manager and from own boss on coming up with address splitting logic which could save hours for other engineers (across vendors).
November 2004 – August 2005

Cerner Corporation
Senior Engineering Manager
Actively contributing in moving away from legacy tech stack to newer Microservices based architecture and delivering innovations at project and product level to improve quality and throughput.
November 2019 – Present

Cerner Corporation
Engineering Manager
Driving Strategic Innovation projects for our leading clients, POCs for Future-proofing architectures and IP Engineering contribution in Planning and executing team growth and building leaders. • IP community contribution on tool to help organise Service developments. • Developed tool to search existing services and fetch all details. This tool solved problem where engineers, architects and all stakeholders needed to search each link on Github repo to find out existing micro services. Appreciated by Director - Principal Engineer of SAAS framework. • Training IP community on Micro services development. Also involved in Requirements, Estimation, Tech Coaching, Development, and end to end deliveries of agile teams.
October 2017 – October 2019

Biju's Education

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
General Management Programme for Healthcare Executives, Healthcare management
2018 - 2019

XLRI Jamshedpur
PGCBM, Business Management
2009 - 2010

Dibrugarh University
MCA, Computer Application
2001 - 2003